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There are six regulators who oversee oil and gas development in British Columbia and Alberta. Each has its own, very unique and complex application directory. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to find consultation records, let alone perform analysis and identify trends. Our DIMEC (data and information management for engagement and consultation) experts synchronize information from every regulator and convert every document submitted by every proponent, stakeholder and Indigenous community into a single, easy to use dataset. Our dataset includes every concern and response, feedback on applications, public comments, working group comments and engagement logs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you understand oil and gas consultation.

"We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely. "

 E.O. Wilson

Markers are searchable by project name. Pipelines and transmission lines are illustrated with a marker approximately every 25 km. Markers are estimated locations. For projects shown with a gold star marker, we will deliver public comments searchable by stakeholder name, as well as engagement and concern tables filterable by a number of other metrics. Projects with a green pin marker are currently being updated with additional documents.


Phase 1

Our first dataset is available. We've analyzed the BC EAO, BC OGC, CEAA (now IAA) and NEB (now CER) directories for all 22 BC LNG applications. We have over 30,000 consultations records with more than 400,000 pieces of information from public and Indigenous comments, working group comments, concerns and mitigation strategies, and engagement tables. Click here to view some Data Insights..

Phase 2
In Development
BC Pipelines

We're currently digging through every document in the BC EAO, BC OGC, CEAA (now IAA) and NEB (now CER) directories for every gas and liquids pipeline. We'll soon have all these records available for purchase.

Phase 3
Alberta & Beyond

Once we've tackled the BC projects, we'll move on to Alberta. If you haven't looked at the AER website recently, there are 270,000 applications. We'll be going through each one to download and synthesize all the consultation information. We'll also grab information for all cross-provincial pipelines originating in Alberta.


What's in the Dataset?

These are the types of records and information that have been extracted from regulatory documents and submissions. You can quickly sort and filter by a number of different metrics, such as stakeholder or Indigenous group, project name or type, date, or comment type. You can also search for keywords or topics, such as 'air emissions' or 'fish habitat.'

Engagement Records

Every submitted engagement table extracted, converted and merged into a simple and easy to navigate dataset.

Public Comments

Each public comment and project response, working group comments and dAIR feedback, as well as project and regulator responses.

Project Commitments

Commitments made to stakeholders and Indigenous communities, including the project phase, status updates and regulatory feedback.

Issues and Concerns

All stakeholder and Indigenous issues and concerns, proponent responses and mitigation strategies, and regulator feedback.

Regulatory COnditions

All regulatory conditions implemented by each regulator, as well as the annual compliance reports submitted by the project.

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Greg is an industry leader in Data and Information Management for Engagement and Consultation (DIMEC). Greg has provided strategic advice and led DIMEC support through the regulatory process for more than 50 proponents on 160 of Canada's largest and most controversial energy projects.

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RegSync is dedicated to creating transparency and understanding of engagement and consultation efforts by the oil and gas industry. RegSync is supported by a team of specialized researchers and data managers who are dedicated to ensuring datasets are current, accurate, dependable and easy to navigate.


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To be the primary source of consultation information for oil and gas projects within Western Canada.


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